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Our Mission

Stories are a way young people contextualize the world, when they see themselves in a character they internalize the messages more. Stereotypes and exploitation media have damaged the image of black women all over the world. 


Welcome to Obsidian Library where black beauty and stories are championed. Black people have been aching for the representation we’ve been missing since the late 90’s. Where’s our iconic prissy teen movie, like Clueless? Where's our dude bro stoner movie, like Dude Where's My Car?


Mainstream media heard these questions and placed black trauma films in front of us instead. Black audiences know these stories & while we respect the retelling of our history we would like to see ourselves in a plethora of genres. We want princesses, knights, magical girls, quirky women in space fighting Eldridge abominations.


In times like these we are in need of escapism. That’s our speciality.

Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu

Our Artists

Working Together


Tierra Woodford


Tierra M Woodford is an NAACP short story award winning author, and novelist. Author of The BiEarth series, Drowning Dust to Dawn, and Ramblings of a teenage philosopher wannabe. She has works appearing in World Affairs Council of Harrisburg’s yearly letter and The Burg magazine.  When she’s not frightening her fellow writers with her aspirations to earning her place as a 'Great American Novelist' she’s daydreaming about dragging her parents and siblings on hitchhiking adventures.


Keira Curtis


Hello Hello! My name is Keira, and I am an Illustrator. I’ve been making my art my whole life, but what’s inspired me to do it is my travels and experiences. I’ve lived in 5 States in the United States, and I’ve been to many more. What  I’ve seen and experienced inspired me to want to create and bring people together. To empower them to be better, and tell stories. Through my life I found the greatest beauty comes from with in. The greatest strength is from overcoming adversity, allowing yourself to grow, and ultimately being your greatest self. 
I do a variety of things as I love to experiment and expand my skill set. It allows me to be versatile in my art and allows me to problem solve more effectively. Seeing things from different perspectives is a great way of expanding both within my art and within my other endeavors. I hope someday I will be able to empower others to pursue their goals as I continue on this journey of mine as I continue to grow and expand this skill set.


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