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Free Autodata In 41

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free autodata in 41

auto data is offering dealers an exclusive deal on the purchase of automotive video-based inspection (avi) software that could save dealers time and money. incorporating the "print-ability" of an auto body label, avi features a "virtual process flow" in which the user can run complex print-ready forms directly from the software, speeding up the inspection process.

autodata labels, a division of auto data corp, today announced the addition of aplus certified qa labels to its lineup. this certification program ensures the highest quality labels through an audit process similar to that required by the..

auto data, a leading provider of vehicle safety technology, announced today a new partnership with ford. as part of the agreement ford will use auto data's entry level, avl and avb brand labels and one year of ground vehicle autodata safety connect software, free of charge, in all 2013 ford and lincoln vehicles sold in the u.s. beginning in january, 2013.

an industry-first partnership was announced today between autodata corp, which develops and distributes the branded labels for vehicle safety and security along with its avi inspection software, and the i24 hour for the blind organization.

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